8th Canta al mar

Calella - 8th Canta al mar

miércoles 23.10.2019
desde 11:00
domingo 27.10.2019
a 14:00
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16 participantes
The festival "Canta al mar" has become an essential activity in INTERKULTUR’s event calendar. Since 2012 choirs from all over the world have met in the city of Calella in Catalonia/Spain to celebrate the international choral festival through songs and local delights

Each year Calella attracts new choirs with its Catalan charm. Long sandy beaches, sunny weather, the Mediterranean Sea and the proximity to the Spanish metropolis of Barcelona are only some of the things that make this participation an unforgettable experience. Barcelona is a bonus option for choirs, whether they would like to include it in their individual competition schedule or simply as a destination for excursions.

All concert and competition venues in Calella are within walking distance and can therefore be combined ideally with a pleasant stroll through the historic center - a great way for choirs to meet, sing together in Friendship Concerts and get to know other nations and their individual traditions.

Enjoy a happy and relaxed choir event on the Spanish Mediterranean Coast in a festival that beautifully combines holiday and passion!
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