La Mirada Tango Meeting Tenerife - New Year 2018/19

La Mirada Tango - La Mirada Tango Meeting Tenerife - New Year 2018/19

La Mirada Tango
sábado 29.12.2018
desde 16:00
miércoles 2.1.2019
a 0:00
La Mirada Tango
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We are delighted to announce that the La Mirada Tango Meeting in Tenerife will be taking place again for the New Year in 2018/19.

From the 29th of December 2018 until the 1st of January 2019 dancers from across Europe and other parts of the world will come together to dance Argentine Tango.

We look forward to welcoming dancers to Tenerife that appreciate beautiful traditional tango music organised in tandas and cortinas, that respect other dancers, the space available and the flow of the dance floor. We believe that to create the best possible experience for everyone, invitations to dance should be made using "Mirada" and "Cabeceo".

Above all we want everyone to have fun and enjoy four wonderful days of Tango in the warm winter sunshine of Tenerife.


40 hours of dancing
100% Gender balance
Invitation to dance using "Mirada and Cabeceo"
Respect the space and flow of the dance floor
Wonderful traditional music organised in tandas and cortinas

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Optional New Year's Eve Meal
International DJs
Warm winter sun

Come to Tenerife and make this New Year your most unforgettable ever!

Find out more by visiting our website:
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