Discover Catalunya: Amazing Seven Gorges of Campdevànol

Calle Pau Claris 117, Barcelona - Discover Catalunya: Amazing Seven Gorges of Campdevànol

Calle Pau Claris 117, Barcelona
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Calle Pau Claris 117, Barcelona
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** This is a hiking & sightseeing event. You must be physically fit enough to walk along the hiking route mentioned ***

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Campdevánol, formerly called San Cristóbal de Campdevanol, is a municipality in the region of Ripollés in the province of Girona, Catalonia , north of Ripoll , right from the river Freser and its tributary the Merdas.

During the entry of the Vandals or "Vandalos" in catalan (People of Germanic origins) in the Peninsula, in the 4th century AD, it is believed that this tribe established a camp near the present town, hence the name Campdevánol ("Field of Vandals" or "Campo de Vándalos", or Catalan, "Camp de Vàndals").

Just 2.5 kms away from this town lies an exotic landscape across the stream or torrents through the valleys. The one Stream of Cabana (Or torrent de Cabana) also known as Torrent de L'Estiulà consists of seven gorges that culminates in form of spectacular waterfalls at some points.. This route also known as Route of seven Gorges ....

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These are the names of these spectacular seven gorges:-

• Gorg del Colomer

• Gorg del Colomer Petit

• Gorg del Forat

• Gorg de la Bauma

• Gorg de L'Olla

• Gorg de La Tosca

• Gorg de la Cabana

Interesting sights to see in Campdenavol:-

• Ermita de San Martín

• Ermita de Sant Pere d'Auira

This journey, runs through mountain and its level of hike is very simple , although there somewhere with some slope a little more difficult, is suitable for everyone and very easy to navigate.

The trail goes through each of the seven pools, where you can swim and enjoy the clear waters in nice weather.


Total Distance: 14 kms

Estimated time: 6 mins

Difficulty Level: Medium
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